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Production of canned fruit such as: marmalade, jams, sweet, jelly, compotes, glazes, toppings, fruit-based fillings and creams, as well as the production of canned vegetables, including canned mushrooms. We also offer production of confectionery products, the bakery, ice cream industry and Ho Re Ka. Our MISSION is to produce healthy and quality food for human needs. Our VISION is positioning ourselves as one of the best producers of canned food, satisfying the needs of consumers, customers, partners with a strong desire to build lasting partnerships with a growing pace of regular customers. Our GOAL is to create the most satisfied and satisfied customers. VALUES – as values ​​in the first place is diligence and responsibility in our work. In second place is the respect and trust of consumers - to buy it, experience, liked and come back as admirable customers. And last but not least, the correctness in the implementation of the set tasks.
Company “SEVA” Ltd., gr.. Rudozem, was formed in 1994. Since 1998 he has been engaged in the production of rosehip jam, pine elixir / PINE HONEY / – from pine tips, jams, jellies and jam of the highest quality. The priority for the company are products from wild fruits and herbs, jam and jams with whole fruits and diabetic / dietary jams / without sugar /. The production enterprise is located in the village of Ravninata, located at 1100m above sea level, in the heart of the Rhodopes 50 km from the resort of Pamporovo between Rudozem and Smilyan on 30 km from the border with the Hellenic Republic. The area is becoming a tourist center. Our company is located in the middle of one of the eco-trails, which is basic in tourist routes. Wild fruits – rods, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, wild strawberries, apples, dogwood fruit, plums, pine tops gather on the high parts of the mountain, and the rest - strawberries, chokeberry, cherries, quinces are grown in areas close to the plant, which guarantees the ecological character of the company's products.
At the heart of our technologies are the old ones, local Rhodope recipes. These were the reasons, due to which the organizers of the wedding of Princess Kalina in 2002 chose for dessert our blueberry jam for their guests from all over the world. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a model small business, which produces above all unique ecological products with fruits from the Rhodopes. The main indicator for us is the quality. The quantity will depend on the preferences of the consumers and the possibilities for providing quality fruits. The main customers of the company are wholesalers, catering companies, confectionery shops, supermarkets in the country and abroad. This year also started production of canned vegetables and canned mushrooms, with which we increased our range of products.

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